Optimum Skills Construction Academy opened in June 2018 to help bridge the skills gap currently within the Construction industry. With the expanding services of Optimum Skills, we are able to provide learners with a more hands-on experience at the Academy. Covering areas of bricklaying, joinery, and property maintenance, there are opportunities for everyone wanting to build a career in construction. Our dedicated Construction team are experienced within the industry and can provide learners with the skills and knowledge needed to progress in their careers.

The Construction Academy currently runs short courses for those aged 19 +, giving them the chance to build their skills in Bricklaying and Joinery, whilst learning about all aspects of health and safety relating to construction and the opportunity to gain their CSCS card.

We are also running construction traineeships for those aged 16 – 18, this is an exciting new opportunity to build a skill set in a chosen trade, whilst also gaining experience with one of our partner employers. This 14 week course includes learning with the

Apprentices working towards, Bricklaying L2, Joinery L2, and Property Maintenance L2, will all complete their off-the-job training within the Construction Academy, working closely with our tutors who have a wealth of knowledge about the industry.

Darlington Construction Academy
Optimum Skills Construction Academy
Optimum Skills Construction Academy

Short Courses

Optimum Skills are offering a new and exciting opportunity to build a career in construction. This is a structured three week training course where you will gain valuable skills such as bricklaying and joinery, as well as building your confidence and learning what it takes to be a successful trades person. The construction academy has been opened to help fill the skills shortage within construction, which remains one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the UK. We are focused on training local talented individuals, aged 19 upwards to help ‘construct a new career’. Working alongside our employer partners, successful candidates will not only gain relevant industry qualifications, but will be put forward for the opportunity to gain employment within these industry organisations.

What gives our course the edge? We have training facilities based in Darlington, with industry equipment, where you can learn hands on the practical skills needed to work in construction. This course is a fantastic opportunity to get both practical skills and knowledge backed up by qualifications with a free CSCS five year labourer card.

Case Studies


Optimum Skills are offering an exciting14-week course, with practical skills learning based in our construction academy in Darlington, followed by work experience with one of our employer partners in your chosen routeway. The aim of this course is to be fulfilling in developing necessary working skills and provide valuable opportunities including guest speakers, site visits, and health and safety training. This opportunity will benefit young people who need to gain qualifications and build up experience in order to gain an apprenticeship. Applicants must be 16-18 and have no higher than GCSE grade qualifications.

Are you eligible?

Are you currently not in a job? Do you have little or no Work Experience?

Are you aged 16 to 18 and qualified below level 3 (A-levels)

Are you motivated and think you could be ready for an apprenticeship within 14 weeks?

Routeway Opportunities Include:

  • Construction
  • Bricklaying
  • Joinery
  • Property Maintenance
Construction Darlington
Construction Training Darlington


Optimum Skills are offering apprenticeship pathways into the construction industry, with Bricklaying L2, Joinery L2, and Property Maintenance L2. Our specialist tutors will be on hand to assist on all off-the-job learning at the Construction Academy. An apprenticeship in construction will mean that not only are you gaining all relevant qualifications, but also getting the hands-on experience with your employer and at the Construction Academy. You’ll even be getting paid to do so. Find out more about the following apprenticeship pathways.


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