Very few employers are aware that the apprenticeship programmes used to recruit new employees can also be used to train and develop your existing staff. Providing an opportunity to continue skills development to employees increases workforce productivity, motivation and retention. 80% of employers say that apprenticeships reduce staff turnover and lead to fewer skills-related vacancies.

When you train your existing staff you will receive the same outstanding quality of training & support as if you would with typical apprenticeships. Whether you have long-serving employees or freshly recruited apprentices they will receive the same format of training from our team.

Off the job training

It is required of all learners to complete 20% off the job training, which will be provided by their tutor. This off the job training will be done in the workplace.

Optimum Skills Management Upskilling


At Optimum Skills our team of experts are committed to delivering bespoke advice and guidance on apprenticeships that will not only enhance your workforce but also transform your company to become a more productive and successful business. We will help you understand your levy commitment and the benefits for levy, non-levy and companies employing fewer than 50 staff.