Optimising Potential Through Inspired Learning

 What do I need to know as an employer?

We work with employers to develop and retain a talented and skilled workforce.  We do this by Investing in training through apprenticeships enabling your company to offer young people and adults an opportunity to develop their skills and, as a result, contribute more to your business growth.


Optimum Skills can help your business with developing your workforce.


Why choose us? 

Our training facilities and our approach to teaching and learning will be superior; excellent and distinguished.  We aim to be a provider of choice, a recognised centre of excellence and where learners come to excel and know they will progress.  Our teaching and learning styles will be exemplary, will aspire young people to progress.


Everything’s great. The trainee is so much better than what we are used to. The staff have really bought into her so happy days our end.
— Stephen Patrick, Operations Manager, Troocost


How we teach and enable learning.

Learners are at the heart of the decisions that we make around their training and development.  Each learner is given a realistic personal development plan, a tutor and a mentor who will provide information, advice and guidance.

Our whole ethos is around giving the right high level skills base to enable learners to progress within their chosen field.  To learn the basics and then to progress on to more technically challenging opportunities, hopefully in skills that are highly sought after within the UK and worldwide.


Following the requirements of the Common Inspection Framework, we will support learners in the following ways:

Our learners benefit from high expectations, engagement, care, support and motivation from staff.  Our staff will inspire, enthuse and motivate learners to achieve and succeed to their highest levels.

Our staff will use their skills and expertise to plan and deliver teaching, learning and support to meet each learner’s needs.  Every learner will have an individual plan, so they progress at a pace that is right for them.  Our tutors will be well qualified with excellent work experience from within the sector.

Staff initially assess learners’ starting points and monitor their progress, set challenging tasks, and build on and extend learning for all learners.  Learner progression will be central to everything that we do, and learner plans will be developed around the individual.  We will ensure that learners lean by doing, and a range of exciting programmes of activities and challenges will be set.  These programmes will motivate, stimulate and provoke thinking and learning.  Our programmes will be exemplary centres of excellence.

Learners understand how to improve as a result of frequent, detailed and accurate feedback from staff following assessment of their learning.  All of our staff will be experienced in providing professional information, advice and guidance.  Learners at any stage of their journey will understand how they have progressed, and what needs to be completed.

Teaching and learning develop English, mathematics and functional skills, and support the achievement of learning goals and career aims.  English, mathematics and functional skills will be integrated across all training programmes, and will be undertaken in a way that brings such learning to life.

We will provide appropriate and timely information, advice and guidance to support learning effectively.  Each of our learners will have a personal tutor that will remain with them throughout the duration of their programme and who will know the learners well and understand what their learning needs are.  The tutor will also be able to guide and give advice on bursaries and where to seek personal advice from.  Our tutors will be exceptional, and will have learner needs at the heart of everything that we do.

Equality and diversity are promoted through teaching and learning.  All students will have a full awareness of what equality and diversity is, and will understand the benefits of having a diverse environment, be that at work or personally.  Through learner personal and social development the principles of respect, social conscience and embracing diversity will be integrated into training programmes, ensuring learners have a full understanding and strong social values. 

According to Ofsted, 'fundamental British values' are:


The rule of law.

Individual liberty.

Mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith



            The learner journey

Our learners will be inspired by leaders from industry and will be taught by those that have learnt from within the industry.

Our training style will be developed to suit learners, and will include the following:

  • Working in person-centred ways, therefore the learner is at the centre of all that we do;
  • Working effectively in partnerships, we will bring in external speakers from the industry to aid in inspiring our learners;
  • Offering choice and advocacy; Our programme aim will ensure that learners receive the right information to make the right choice to progress in their careers.  Teaching and learning will be undertaken across a range of different locations to demonstrate the variety of different career choices that exist within the engineering and manufacturing sector.
  • Providing effective information, advice and guidance.  This is at the heart of what we do.  Throughout the learner journey, there will be choices and cross roads that learners reach.  Sound advice and guidance will assist in steering learners in the right direction.  Our tutors are either qualified coaches, or have equivalent level four in Information, Advice and Guidance.
  • Inspirational teaching and learning sessions.  Our tutors will develop course work from curriculums that will truly stimulate, motivate and encourage.  Learners will be provided with practical projects, which will be supported by local industry.  Our programmes will be thought provoking, interesting and fun.




We will ensure that the quality of the support that learners receive on their learning journeys will ensure they are motivated to persist and to progress onto further learning.  We understand that learner motivation (both extrinsic and intrinsic) is key to ensuring progression.  Motivational dialogue and learning conversations therefore underpin all stages of the learner journey and will enable learners’ needs and aspirations to be reviewed regularly so that support, advice and guidance can be personalised to the individual learner. 

Additionally, through regular reviews, any challenges that the learner faces can be identified and addressed appropriately.  Such challenges can also arise outside the learning environment and impact on learner motivation and therefore persistence with learning.  

Due to this, we will ensure that there is a comprehensive system of pastoral support to ensure that learners do progress.