Meet the Team – Dave

Meet Dave, Internal Quality Assurer and Delivery Manager for Short Courses in Construction! Dave has upskilled on the Team Leader / Supervisor apprenticeship during his time with Optimum Skills which has supported him to progress in his role. Watch the video to find out more about Dave’s role.

Meet the Team – Lauryn

Meet Lauryn, Lauryn is the Apprenticeship Induction Coordinator at Optimum Skills, joining Optimum Skills on a Traineeship in 2019! Lauryn has progressed through Optimum Skills completing an Apprenticeship in Business Admin level 2 and is now coming to the end of her Business Admin level 3 Apprenticeship.

Meet the Team – Emily

Meet Emily, Emily began her journey with Optimum Skills on one of our first ever Traineeship Programmes! Since then Emily has progressed through three apprenticeship qualifications with Optimum Skills, from Business Admin to Team Leader!

Meet the Team – Jack

Meet Jack, Jack joined Optimum Skills on a Construction Traineeship but found that Construction wasn’t for him, he was given the opportunity to complete his work experience with Optimum Skills at our Construction Academy in Darlington. Jack made a great impression with the team and was offered a Business Admin Apprenticeship! Jack is now part…

Meet the Team – Scott

Meet Scott, Trainee Tutor at Optimum Skills Construction Academy in Gateshead. Scott started his journey with Optimum Skills as a Construction Trainee but found that he wanted to get into a teaching role. Optimum Skills have been able to support his ambitions with the opportunity to build his skills on a Learner Mentor Apprenticeship!

Meet the Team – Christine

Meet Christine, Auditor at Optimum Skills. Christine checks all paperwork to ensure it is compliant, she is also the Deputy Safeguarding Officer at Optimum Skills! Watch the full video to find out more…

Meet the Team – Ethan

Meet Ethan, Short Course Team Leader / Internal Quality Assurer at Optimum Skills. Ethan also has a third role as a Designated Safeguarding Officer, to support learners across short courses and apprenticeships!

Meet the Team – Chris

Meet Chris, Chris is the Quality Manager at Optimum Skills. He has developed in his role with Optimum Skills over the years starting as a Short Course Tutor, progressing to Delivery Manager and then Quality Manager! Watch the video to find out more.

Meet the Team – Stephanie

Meet Stephanie, Head of Quality and Operations at Optimum Skills. She oversees the Quality and Operations teams within Optimum Skills. Find out more about what her role involves in her meet the team video!