What is a Traineeship?

A traineeship is an education and training programme, for those aged 16 to 24 and not in any education, training, or employment. Traineeships incorporate work experience, preparing young people with the work-ready skills needed to gain an apprenticeship or employment. At Optimum Skills our traineeship programmes are 8 to 15 weeks of unique and exciting opportunities, including;
  • Job skills taught by industry professionals
  • 2 to 4 weeks of real work experience in your chosen sector
  • Personal development
  • Health and Safety
  • Functional Skills
  • Guest speakers
  • Plus much more…

Upcoming Welcome Sessions

  • 12th May at Middlesbrough Football Club (Sports Coach Traineeship)

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Why choose the Optimum Skills Traineeship?

At Optimum Skills we want to give young people in our local communities the chance to develop and demonstrate their capabilities in the workplace, through this traineeship programme, we will prepare them with the skills and knowledge needed. For many young people college and sixth form may not have suited them, and without the qualifications and experience it may be difficult to for them to find an apprenticeship.

Benefits of traineeship

  • The opportunity to build your CV and gain valuable work experience with local employers, learn about the business and industry to get a taste and see if it suits you
  • Work preparation, putting you in a better position to secure an apprenticeship
  • Maths and English support, for those who need it, to boost career prospects
  • Confidence building activities to support you into work experience and apprenticeship

You may be suitable for a traineeship if:

  • If you are aged between 16 – 24 not currently in education, employment, or training
  • If you are qualified to only GCSE level
  • You are motivated to get into the workplace in one of the sectors we can offer
  • Need to gain more work experience
  • Are having trouble securing an apprenticeship, due to a lack of skills and experience

Guest Speakers and Site Visits

Something which makes the Optimum Skills Traineeship programme unique is the opportunity to learn and be inspired by guest speakers and site visits. These opportunities give the learners insight from industry specialists and a potential view of the future they could make for themselves. We also have speakers from local groups and charities to talk about mental health, money management, managing stress, and other life skills.
Traineeship Site Visit Newton Aycliffe
Butcher Traineeship
Traineeship Optimum Site Visit

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