What school leavers need to know about apprenticeships

As a school leaver there are so many options for what to pursue next, and with so many options it can be daunting figuring out what is the best choice for you. It is the law in the UK that everyone must stay in education till they are 18 years old, for many people the next options are sixth form or college, apprenticeships are an option not yet widely talked about.

  1. An apprenticeship is a full-time job involving a training programme which allows you to learn new skills and gain nationally recognised qualifications, whilst earning a wage.
  2. You can start an apprenticeship right away after getting your GCSE results, you must be 16 or over to qualify for one.
  3. 20% of hours spent at work need to be spent on off-the-job apprenticeship studying. This is often when apprentices would spend a day out of work to attend college, but with Optimum Skills, we think the apprentice is better off based in their workplace and we give them options for completing their 20% off-the-job during their working day.
  4. Apprenticeships cost nothing for you to do, you won’t have any tuition fees and you’ll be getting paid! Apprenticeships are either funded fully by the government or partially by the government with the employer contributing the rest.
  5. You will gain nationally recognised, industry related qualifications which will allow you to build a career in your chosen industry.
  6. Even if you choose not to follow on within your chosen industry after your apprenticeship, your qualifications along with job experience and transferable skills will make you much more employable than peers who have only been to sixth form or college.
  7. There are many industry sectors to pursue a career in, find out which apprenticeship pathways Optimum Skills specialises in here.
  8. At the end of your apprenticeship, you will have the hands-on experience, skills, knowledge, and qualification to advance in your career.
  9. There is a world of opportunities available to apprentices once they have completed their qualification.
  10. Most employers will keep apprentices on as permanent staff, even if you don’t want to continue with that employer, the experience plus qualification will allow you to progress on to new opportunities. There may even be the opportunity to progress on to an advanced or higher apprenticeship.

If an apprenticeship is something that interests you or you want to find out more contact us. Find our live apprenticeship vacancies here.

Did you know...

An apprenticeship is a great way to earn while you learn.

Did you know...

Apprentices who go on to do a higher level apprenticeship will earn more than their peers studying at University