The Performing Manufacturing Operations Level 2 pathway focuses on training apprentices to operate effectively in a manufacturing environment.  Typical job roles include assembly operations of electrical and electronic products, vehicles, aerospace, marine, metal goods and production of moulded products.  Other roles include receiving and checking raw materials and sub assemblies, inspection, test and quality control. Manufacturing operators working as process, plant and machine operatives (Level 2 roles) account for 14% of total sector employment (approximately 167,000 people) in England and Wales. 6% of employers felt they had skills gaps in their operator workforce. These were put down to lack of experience, failure to train and develop staff, lack of motivation, and the inability of the workforce to keep up with change. Within the sector itself, technical, practical and job-specific skills were highlighted as the main skills gaps, with problem solving, team working and general communication skills being secondary. Performing manufacturing operatives could work in the following sectors: electrical, electronic, automotive, aviation, metal goods, marine etc.

Training Programme

Performing manufacturing operatives should have skills and knowledge in: Setting and operating machines during production;  Planning and setting up the sequence of operations according to drawings; Layouts and other instructions; Ensuring machines and equipment used for production are maintained and serviceable; Inspecting sub-assemblies or finished products for faults before the next phase of production or delivery to the customer; Assembling products using jigs and tools.


12 Months




Workplace Assessments

Assessment Methods

The End—Point Assessment consists of two distinct assessment methods:

  • A knowledge test (KT)
  • A practical skills assessment and discussion (PSAD)

Job Sectors

  • Machine operative
  • Metalworker
  • Quality controller
  • Maintenance Operative
  • Process operator
  • Production inspector
  • Assembly operator
  • Materials Handler