The primary role of a digital marketer is to define, design, build and implement digital campaigns across a variety of online and social media platforms to drive customer acquisition, customer engagement and customer retention. A digital marketer will typically be working as part of a team, in which they will have responsibility for some of the straightforward elements of the overall marketing plan or campaign. The marketer will work to marketing briefs and instructions. They will normally report to a digital marketing manager, a marketing manager or an IT Manager.

Training Programme

The Digital Marketer will need to have the following knowledge and skills: Written communication skills; Research and analysis skills; Use a wide variety of digital technologies and tools over a range of platforms; Review, monitor and analyse online activity and insights; Respond efficiently to enquiries using online and social media platforms; Problem solving; Build and implement digital campaigns across a variety of digital media platforms; Search engine optimisation; Use digital tools effectively; Understand the principles of coding; Apply basic marketing principles; Measure and evaluate the success of digital marketing activities; Latest developments in digital media technologies and trends.


15 Months




Workplace Assessments

Assessment Methods

The final, end point assessment is completed in the last few months of the apprenticeship. It is based on:

  • a portfolio – produced towards the end of the apprenticeship, containing evidence from real work projects which have been completed during the apprenticeship, usually towards the end, and which, taken together, cover the totality of the standard.
  • a project – giving the apprentice the opportunity to undertake a business-related project over a one-week period away from the day to day workplace.
  • an employer reference.
  • a structured interview with an assessor – exploring what has been produced in the portfolio and the project as well as looking at how it has been produced.

Job Sectors

  • Digital Marketer
  • Social Media Assistant
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Web Developer